Hey, It’s Me.

I’m a writer. 

This is a space for more informal personal essays (since I ghostwrite in the B2B space too) and half-baked ideas.

If you’re looking for my B2B folio, you’re lost champ. See it here. 

I write on anything from growing a creative business, pursuing and developing ideas, or even designing a life worth living. It’s also a foray into “building out in the open” more and getting out there. 

Currently: Slowly learning to code, getting lost reading Lila, installing a tiny outdoor work patio because my apartment is a cave.

Oh, and then there’s Atlas. L‘amour félin de ma vie.

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My Current Philosophy


Perpetual self-education (with a hefty side of note taking).

Learning and striving to be less of a wrong asshole. It’s okay to be dumb, it isn’t okay to stay it.


Compounding experiences + failures.

Making sure you don’t only count successes as wins. Sometimes purposefully doing something is already a lot.



Making the best of what you’re given.

Focusing and learning more about the things you CAN control. Forget the rest. Embrace the chaos my dear.